It’s Time! (Again!)

Texas Rangers: 2011 American League Champions

Guys. I’m not just saying this. I feel really good about this team this year. Like, better than last year. Last year was just so emotional, because it was our first ALCS & it was the Yankees & maybe they were just happy to be in the World Series. This year, everyone’s more experienced & we made some really good additions & the bullpen is just lights out & Nelson Cruz cannot be stopped. Yeah. I feel really good. Let’s do this.

We’re going (back) to the World Series, y’all!


It’s Time!

Texas Rangers: 2010 American League Champions

by Amy Yen

I don’t think fanbases like the Yankees know what it’s like to be a fan of a franchise like the Rangers. The never-ending, soul-crushing disappointment, year after year. It grinds on you. It wears you down. It gets to the point where you never expect anything of your team.

And then they go & demolish the New York Yankees, of all teams. The Yankees, the curse of our pathetic blip of a franchise postseason history. The Yankees & their $206.7 million payroll (A-Rod & Jeter make more than the entire Rangers roster combined).

The Yankees, who the Rangers & their $55.1 million payroll, ownership drama, drug-scandal manager, starting pitcher who played in Japan last year & giddy, silly, wonderful claw & antlers team-wide inside joke flat out beat to clinch the American League pennant & advance to the World Series.

That is absurd. It’s AMAZING. “This group is here,” said Josh Hamilton, after accepting the ALCS MVP award, “because they don’t know how to fail.” Apparently.

EDIT: This is a fun comparison. Here’s a post I wrote about the Rangers way back in 2007, in maybe the most frustrating, hopeless time I could remember suffering through with this team. The great thing about reading that post now is how dramatically their philosophy has changed, finally. They aren’t throwing the dice on gritty veterans anymore, they’re going for it with young, energetic, naive kids with don’t know how to quit. They’re winning through pitching & manufacturing runs on the base paths & a wonderful, bubbly sense of team, that thing that makes them invent things like the claw & make the group decision to celebrate with ginger ale & not champagne on the field, out of respect to Josh Hamilton. If you want to know why, even with how good the Rangers have been all year long, folks like me were still skeptical they could do what they’re doing, I think that post I wrote just a few seasons ago sums it up.

But damn. I’m happy to be wrong.

We’re going to the World Series, y’all!! Believe!!