Thoughts on Fringe Season 3 Episode 21 The Last Sam Weiss

by Amy Yen

WHAT?! But how can…wait, does this mean…WHAT?! OMG I CAN’T EVEN!!

And to think that about halfway through this episode, I was thinking it was getting too ridiculous to buy into, even for Fringe. Turns out I am a fool. Obviously I should just put my complete & utter faith in Pinkner & Wyman, sit back & shut up, because the end of “The Last Sam Weiss” was amazing. In retrospect, all of “The Last Sam Weiss” was amazing.

Obviously, the part I was having trouble with was the drawing of Olivia, which, besides triggering all sorts of Alias flashbacks, seems just kind of way too coincidental. Besides the ‘fate’ explanation, how in the world does all of this happen to come down to our heroes, Peter & Olivia? But once they got to the scene at Liberty Island, with the two of them holding hands with total belief in each other, I had a really hard time remembering just what was so wrong with the ‘fate’ explanation to begin with.

Plus, the whole situation ended up being yet another completely unexpected & wonderful callback to a seemingly forgotten first season episode, this time David Robert Jones’ light-box test from “Ability.” The fact that this keeps happening (from the amber in the bus from “The Ghost Network” to the accelerated pregnancy from “The Same Old Story“) proves the writers clearly know what they’re doing & I should just stop doubting & enjoy the ride.

More random thoughts on “The Last Sam Weiss”:

  • In fact, the whole episode had a ton of awesome callbacks, the two best being “I am going home,” what Peter leaves on the hospital bed reflecting the note his younger self wrote his mother in “Subject 13” before almost drowning in the lake trying to go back to the other universe &, of course, “Be a better man than your father,” the phrase that William Bell has Olivia repeat to Peter upon returning from the other universe the first time.
  • The callback to the light-box test is also interesting because it seems to strongly suggest most of us were right: Olivia being able to do these things — to turn off the lights, to type the messages, to turn off the force field on the machine — has to do with both her & Peter being there together, like they were at the light-box. Oh, fate.
  • Also nice to see the typewriter again & get a more detailed explanation on how it works. Unbelievably, it makes sense now.
  • So, Sam Weiss turned out to be a lot less mysterious & sinister than we all thought. He’s more of an observer (not that kind…or is he?), a keeper of a bunch of information passed down through his family, but he is greatly concerned about the consequences of his interfering with events. But if he really doesn’t know any more than he’s saying, what’s with the “A Demon’s Twist Rusts” (Don’t trust Sam Weiss) business in “Over There, Part 2”?
  • “I work in a bowling alley.” Just because he didn’t turn out to be an actual live First Person (as far as we know), doesn’t mean he wasn’t kind of totally awesome in this episode.
  • Speaking of interfering with events, is the final twist in the episode, Peter getting transported to the future, what was meant to happen? Also…what universe is he in? That isn’t the red-verse’s Fringe badge.
  • Totally random, but anyone notice the hash tag #Fringe in the corner of the screen? Nice.
  • OMG this promo!