Ad Post: NFL on FOX – It’s Good to Have a Ring

by Amy Yen

NFL on FOX :30 spot
Agency: Fox Sports Marketing

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback & current NFL on FOX analyst Troy Aikman is a promotion veteran, selling everything from Samsung phones to Acme Bricks, but for all the times I’ve seen him sell stuff, particularly living in Dallas, this is the first time I laughed out loud.

Part of FOX’s series of ads, which also feature Aikman’s broadcast partner Joe Buck, being a good sport about being insulted by Dr. Phil & watching Troy party with Usher & Hugh Laurie, this spot also uses Buck’s exasperation as the punch line (“Can I just get a water? Somewhere?”). Another spot features Buck slumming in line at TSA while Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long & Jimmy Johnson cruise through the special red carpet “Super Bowl Ring Holders” line (with Jimmy almost-but-not-quite getting stopped for carrying a samurai sword…or is that a machete?). Very funny stuff.