Ad Post: Windows Phone 7 – Really?

by Amy Yen

Microsoft Windows Phone 1:00 spot
Agency: Crispin, Porter + Bogusky

What an interesting ad. It’s got a lot of conversation around it, because it’s undoubtedly funny & everyone can identify with it. We all know these people, faces buried in their phones, oblivious to everything going on around them. But it’s also a confusing ad because it’s kind of unclear what the message is supposed to be. Isn’t Microsoft just saying their phone doesn’t have as much cool stuff on it & that‘s why we won’t want to spend so much time on it?

I like this analysis, which basically stipulates that Microsoft recognizes that it can’t compete with iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid when it comes to cool apps & awesome features, so it’s appealing to people who know these people they’re talking about & who maybe want a smartphone that won’t turn them into one of them. Basically, they’re offering a simpler smartphone. In a kind of roundabout way, it’s a sound strategy.

If nothing else, they are generating a lot of awareness with the ad, which is important with them entering the such a crowded market. And you have to admire an ad that so well captures a group of people that everybody can identify.

PS: Microsoft aired this ad during Game 1 of the World Series. Go Rangers!


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