Ad Post: Dasani PlantBottle Plantable Print Ad

by Amy Yen

I loved this print insert from Dasani, advertising their new sustainable PlantBottle, which is “made from up to 30% plant-based materials derived of sugar cane and still a 100% recyclable bottle.” Maybe the single coolest print ad I’ve ever seen, the simple, vivid image of the bottle enveloped in leaves also includes a removable leaf made of seeded paper, which can be soaked in water & put in soil to grow real wildflowers! Awesome.

The ad, which Dasani & parent company Coca-Cola also point out is made of 100% recycled paper, is part of the launch of PlantBottle in the western US, which is in turn a pilot program for Coca-Cola, who will now start adapting PlantBottle for its other brands. The program is being watched closely, as the bottled water industry has long been criticized for its environmental impact, highlighted by tap water awareness campaigns such as UNICEF’s Tap Project & What’s Tappening? Using plant-based materials for the bottle will reportedly reduce PlantBottle’s carbon emissions by 25 percent.

Dasani also partnered with eco-fashion designer Erica Domesek of, who made limited edition green caps (mirroring PlantBottle’s green caps) from reused & recycled materials, benefiting Ocean Conservancy. Launched in late 2009, Coca-Cola is aiming to produce 2 billion PlantBottles by the end of this year.


4 Responses

  1. What magazine is this ad found in?

  2. The company that did this advertisement was Lambesis; They have also done work for Skyy Spirits, Fisker and Tacori.

  3. The plant material in Dasani’s Plantbottle continues to decompose and therebye is hazardous to internal consumption. Me personally suffer heartburn caused by Dasini’s Plantbottle because the material sticks inside me instead of the regular plastic of water bottle material that slides on through. Also, my blood does not process fast enough because of the interference of the plant material in plant bottle, which results in my blood sugar staying high. Dasani is proving again that environmentalists are dangerous to human life because of their greed to make money on things such as Plantbottle.

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