Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 13 The Last Recruit

-Amy Yen

“You decided the moment you let him talk to you. Whether you like it or not, you’re with him now.”

It’s all kind of fuzzy now, because of all those stories in between, but way back when in season 1, didn’t it come down to Man of Science, Man of Faith? Jack Shephard & John Locke, whose original stances wavered & switched over the years. “John Locke was not a believer,” the thing wearing Locke’s meat suit tells him, “He was a sucker.”

Jack Shephard once followed the Man in Black to water. When he staggers out of the water again, it’s at the Man in Black’s feet. The truth is, I don’t think Jack knows what to think. “The Island isn’t done with us yet,” he parrots Mrs Hawking at Sawyer because he can’t shake that horrible feeling that he’s missing something here. Why go through all of this, everything they’ve been through, why come back, if there wasn’t something more to it? The Man of Science never wouldn’t have thought that. But then, the Man of Science never would have come back to the Island to begin with. Because it’s illogical & completely insane. The truth is, Jack Shephard hasn’t really been a Man of Science for a while now. And he & Locke were always more similar than they thought they were.

The thing is, I don’t know what he thinks he’s accomplishing by bailing on Sawyer’s group then. He’s not taking anyone with him & he’s going back to a group whose goal is also to get off the Island. I guess what I’m saying is, what the hell was your plan, Jack?

But enough about Jack, I can’t not talk about Sun & Jin any longer. Because yes, obviously I saw the trailers—nice try trying to ruin it, ABC promo department—so I knew it was coming, but I still totally jumped out of my seat & started yelling at the TV, “OMG! IT’S JIN!! IT’S JIN!! YES!! YES!!” Because it felt like a happy ending, even if it only lasted for a moment (stupid, back-stabbing Widmore!). It was poetic, because in the flashsideways, Sun lives & the baby is okay & Keamy’s dead & they don’t have anything, but they have each other. And in the Island reality, Sun tells him she never stopped looking for him & then, Jin, that idiot, tells her, “We’ll never be apart again. I promise you.” And OMG, he didn’t mean that! No! Take it back! Don’t listen to him, Lost gods! Because seriously, SHUT UP, JIN. Don’t you remember what happened to the last guy who said that on this show?

Other thoughts on “The Last Recruit”:

  • Jack & Claire meet in both realities this episode. In the flashsideways-verse, Claire is assaulted by super-creepy-on-a-mission Desmond (seriously, can you not be on a mission in a subtler fashion, Des?) & eventually convinced to go see Des’s lawyer: Ilana. Who happens to be looking for her because she’s meeting with Jack to read Christian Shephard’s will! (“Do you believe in fate?”)
  • In the Island reality, he hasn’t seen Claire since he found out off-Island that she was his sister. Their reunion is actually rather sweet. Of course, then three minutes after she tells him she trusts Locke because “he’s the only one who didn’t abandon me,” Jack abandons her again! Worst. Brother. Ever.
  • I loved Flashsideways!Jack’s mended relationship with his son. They’re completely different than we saw them earlier in the season, they are on a completely different level of understanding. David’s “I’m sad for you” & “Good luck, Dad” lines were just so lovely, I almost wish he was in the original timeline so we could have seen more of them together.
  • “I’m sorry I got Juliet killed.” Aw. Not that Sawyer’s rage will be comforted at all by it, but it’s sad that Jack has so, so many regrets. The show has basically chosen to ignore it, but it wasn’t that long ago that Jack & Juliet kissed in the light & stood together against Ben.
  • With all of James Ford’s pseudo-flirting & talk about fate with Kate in the flashsideways, I’m extremely pleased he didn’t have a Daniel/Hurley/Charlie/Desmond-esque flash-of-realization-and-remembrance. I’m still holding tight to the idea that the producers should know by now that Sawyer’s great love is, must be, Juliet.
  • I didn’t notice, but it’s been pointed out, the folks in the flashsideways-verse who remember the original reality first are the ones who are dead in the original reality. Interesting.
  • Okay, so the Man in Black was Christian Shephard when we saw him in the Island. But what about when Jack saw him off the Island?
  • This week’s previouslys covered almost every flashsideways story we’ve seen so far, with good reason. Detective James Ford cockily & possibly illegally interrogates the fugitive Kate Austen, who susses out that James let her go in the elevator at the airport because he went to Australia & didn’t want anyone to know. Touche, Kate. That makes perfect sense. James & Miles then go arrest Sayid for the whole triple homicide at Keamy’s restaurant.
  • Meanwhile, in the Island reality, Sayid totally doesn’t kill Des. “I just shot an unarmed man. I needed a moment.” Flocke is of course suspicious because since when has Sayid ever needed a moment?
  • “You, me, Jack, Hurley, Sun & the pilot who looks like he just stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.” HA!
  • Wow, people move around a lot on this Island. In one week, the Man in Black gains essentially everyone he needs. Then he immediately loses almost all of them.
  • “Looks like someone got her voice back.” Good point, Frank, I didn’t even notice! I wonder how that works. Pretty sure that’s not scientific.
  • I somehow didn’t realize until they were sailing, the yacht was The Elizabeth.
  • “You can always bring people back from the dark side! Look at Anakin.” HA! It all comes back to Star Wars, doesn’t it?

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