Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Everybody Loves Hurley

-by Amy Yen

It’s tough following an episode like “Happily Ever After,” an hour of television that almost couldn’t have had more going for it. I think the problem with “Everybody Loves Hurley,” thusly, is it didn’t even get close. There wasn’t really anything wrong with it, it was enjoyable & had a great classic what-the-hell-just-happened moment at the end…but it’s almost to too late in the grand scheme of things to be having those kind of ho-hum episodes. I’m not saying every episode from here on out needs to hit it out of the park, but come on. There are six hours left, you’ll forgive me for beginning to feel a bit anxious.

I think what was most surprising to me was having a Hurley-centric episode that was so disjointed, with so much of it not focused on Hurley at all. Considering how important Hurley has become this season, it’s just a little odd. As much as Desmond’s sudden change in mission & attitude interests me, it just felt frustratingly unmoving this episode. Even Flocke got freaked out, I think. And threw Des down Charlotte’s well! Man, if it’s still supposed to be ambiguous whether the Man in Black is evil, hurting everyone’s favorite Scot is not going to help your case.

I did like the flashsideways story again this week. Hurley & Libby remain adorable & I remain completely in love with them together. I thought it was really emotionally effective, her wanting so desperately for him to remember, so that she can not be crazy. And when he does, on the beach picnic date they never had, it’s lovely. Like Desmond’s flash of his & Penny last week, it’s really a rather brilliant way to flash back to some of the wonderful relationship moments during the run of the show.

And at the end of the flashsideways narrative this week, Desmond stalks & runs over substitute Locke. What?? Why?? Does Des remember it all now? Does he know what Locke is? He doesn’t even seem to really know that in the Island reality (if he doesn’t, by the way, it would make him pretty much the only person on either Island who doesn’t know that that isn’t John Locke). But suddenly he did remember his son’s name is Charlie, right? So confused. Also come on, if you’re going to kill someone, really kill them, don’t leave any possibility. Flashsideways!Locke still looked alive to me.

Other thoughts on “Everybody Loves Hurley”:

  • So we get another Definitive Answer to one of the Big Questions. The whispers are ghosts of people who can’t move on from the Island because of something they did. In that way, the Island is like Purgatory after all. I don’t know how this explains things like Harper appearing out of nowhere to Juliet in “The Other Woman.” I guess she’s just quick?
  • In the flashsideways, Hurley gets an awesome dinosaur trophy for his generosity toward Dr Pierre Chang’s museum! A little disappointed we didn’t see Charlotte or Miles at the reception.
  • Also in the flashsideways, Hurley gets a nudge toward visiting Libby at Santa Rosa by Flashsideways!Des, who is waiting on order #42 at Mr. Cluck’s.
  • It’s a bummer that one of the dead people Hurley can’t talk to is Libby & one of the ones he can is Michael. Pretty much the last one he wants to talk to, I imagine. Miles asks, “And you just listen to whatever they say?” I totally asked the same question, Miles! Why do you just go around believing the dead people? Especially one like Michael who I still didn’t totally trust until the last scene with him.
  • So, OMG they totally killed Ilana! I’m a little annoyed because we still don’t know who the hell she is & why she was in bandages in her flashback & how she got mixed up with Jacob in the first place & hey, Darlton! I’m not asking for a full centric episode here, I know the score. Just throw us a bone & give us a scene on what the deal is with her, please?
  • So Team Ilana splits up. Team Richard—Richard, Miles & Ben—head off to go look for more explosives to blow up the plane as part of Richard’s new Dead!Isabella-issued mission to keep the Man in Black on the Island at all cost. Team Hurley—Hurley, Jack, Sun & Frank—go find Flocke to have a chat as part of Hurley’s completely made-up Jacob-commissioned plan. Frankly, neither idea sounds particularly smart.
  • Interesting breakdown of the groups, right? Basically, everyone that went with Hurley is a Candidate or possible Candidate (Frank). What do you want to bet we don’t see Team Richard again until some sort of encounter with the plane?
  • Sun writes, “Are we making a mistake?” Frank: “Probably.” Oh, Frank. I miss when you & Miles had multiple speaking lines.
  • Team Hurley arrives at Camp Man in Black, via Dead!Michael directions. Did Flocke know that Frank was still on the Island & thus there’s a now a capable pilot amongst his group to go along with that plane? He spends a lot of time staring meaningfully at Jack in particular. Is that supposed to be signficant?
  • R.I.P. Black Rock.

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