Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 11 Happily Ever After

-by Amy Yen

“I know her. We’re together. We always were & we always will be.”

I know her. Oh. Oh.

Just…wonderful. I loved that episode. I take back what I said last week. Yes, Sun & Jin are awesome & of course they belong together. But they don’t even come close to the epic-ness, the meant-to-be-ness in that find-you-in-time-and-space way that is Desmond & Penny. No one does.

So that’s it then, the trigger is love. Of course it is. How many movie reviews, book reviews, TV reviews include the words “when it comes down to it, it’s a love story.” Any story you tell will always be more compelling & engaging & humanly relatable when you envelop it in a love story. So that “something missing” that hung all over Sawyer’s flash-sideways, the feeling of wrongness when you see James Ford with Charlotte & not Juliet, this is it. He can feel that there’s something missing, he just can’t see what, because Juliet has yet to surface in sideways-verse. (There’s something so good about that, I just hope it doesn’t turn into it being Kate after all, just because of Elizabeth Mitchell’s lack of availability.)

Wonderfully, Charlotte was meant to be with Daniel Faraday after all, as he sees her at the museum where she works with Dr Pierre Chang, eating a chocolate bar (awww). Sees her red hair & his world shifts, his perspective changes. He writes physics equations that Daniel Widmore the musician—who in another life, Eloise Hawking once warned away from the piano—doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know how he knows, but he does. “I don’t want to set off a nuclear bomb, Mr Hume. I think I already did.”

Charlie Pace sees a glimpse of Claire, same thing. But how does this figure into Sun & Jin’s flash-sideways? Or Sayid & Nadia? And I guess Jack & his son?

I love that Desmond does not even have to see Penny for his world to be shifted toward her. All it takes is her name. “Not Penny’s Boat.” (What an absolutely brilliant set-up, with Charlie in the water. I didn’t even see it coming until the moment his hand went up. Fantastic.) And that was the end for Desmond Hume’s perfect sideways life.

“I don’t know where she is. I don’t even know if she exists. She’s an idea.”

Oh. You win, Darlton. Yeah, at the end, I was totally grinning like an idiot because they’re going out for coffee. Coffee! Are you happy?

More thoughts, even more scattered, on “Happily Ever After”:

  • In review, my list of Key Things We Know About Desmond Hume was, almost without exception, extremely relevant. Go me!
  • Daniel! Oh, it was so good to see Jeremy Davies again. “No, Mr Hume. She’s my half-sister. I can tell you exactly where & when to find her.” You always could.
  • Not only is Desmond Daniel’s constant, in the Island reality, Desmond is Daniel’s brother-in-law. It’s again awesome to see the connections between characters stick tight. Ditto with Desmond & Charlie once again having interconnecting fates.
  • One more point on Daniel. I love that he looks exactly as we remember him, rumpled shirt, skinny tie & all. In hindsight, it’s a bummer he died on the Island without the tie.
  • How much does Eloise Hawking know? “It is a violation.” Of what? “Not ready.” For what? Explain, woman!
  • “That man is the only person I know who survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event. I need to know if he can do it again.” This is why Desmond is special, although we don’t find out why he can survive. We do know Desmond’s flashes are related to the whole electromagnetic thing. He collapsed when he shook Penny’s hand at the end, indicating the entire flash-sideways we saw this episode was one of Desmond’s flashes. In The Constant, his consciousness flashed between times in his life…so, he’s flashing between realities now?
  • Interesting almost the entire episode was one long linear flash-sideways story, like how Richard’s story was almost entirely one long flashback.
  • George Minkowski! AKA Academy Award winning producer Fisher Stevens!
  • Another white rabbit appearance, saved from death via radioactive barbeque by Unfortunate Nameless Widmore Lackey #4.
  • “There’s always a choice, brother.” Again with the choices. Let’s all just choose Team Free Will & call it a day.
  • Not quite The Elizabeth being admired by Des in Widmore’s office.
  • “Are you wearing any metal?” Why does Nameless Widmore Lackey #2 say “of course he doesn’t, you idiot.” More of the electromagnetic stuff, I guess? Also enjoyed, “Try not to push the button.”
  • I have to say, I didn’t think it would be possible to produce an episode as good as or better than “The Constant.” But they did it. In Darlton we trust.
  • Des “meets” Penny in the Stadium where he first met Jack. In another life, brother.

2 Responses

  1. great episode in my opinion, and i thought it was especially interesting because we saw the first connection between the two alternate realities

    • Definitely agree, there’s so few episodes left, they have to start linking the two storylines. I also really love that they haven’t forgotten all the “Desmond is special, Desmond is the key to all this” backstory they built up in the last few seasons.

      Thanks for your comment!

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