Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 10 The Package

-by Amy Yen

“Some people just aren’t meant to be together,” says the man who won’t stay dead, Martin Keamy. Which is, of course, ironic, since Sun & Jin are one of Lost’s great love stories, probably even more so than any of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet combinations, right up there with Desmond & Penny. So much so that their centric episodes are always together, binding them through history & time & distance. So much so that even when they are not married in the flash-sideways-verse (there’s something so wrong with that), they find each other anyway.

They haven’t seen each other since “There’s No Place Like Home,” do you realize that? They’re so close now, it sucks. And if we don’t get to see the reunion, then Team Darlton will have a LOT of angry questions to deal with.

Additional thoughts from “The Package”:

  • Pissed!Sun is hard core scary & awesome, do not MESS with her, Ricardo. She’s almost as awesome as Desperate!Sun is heartbreaking. Bravo to both Yunjin Kim & Daniel Dae Kim, who was devastating in the scene where he see JiYeon‘s pictures for the first time. The cast has really been hitting it out of the park this season & it better the hell result in some Emmys for once.
  • “I have a daughter, too,” says Charles Widmore. Yeah? Where is this alleged daughter, huh?
  • So, Charles Widmore claims that if the Man in Black is allowed to leave the Island, Sun & Ji Yeon & Penny & everyone else will “simply cease to be.” Why, exactly? I’ll tell you, the first thing I thought of was the infallibility paradox, as presented in the movie Dogma. In the movie, two fallen angels find a loophole back into heaven, but if they use it, they, in essence, overrule the word of God. Since the basis of existence is that God is infallible, doing so would destroy existence. Of course, on Lost, Jacob is often discussed as a Jesus figure.
  • Looooved the play on the famous top button of Sun’s sweater in the flash-sideways. LOVED it.
  • Such great supporting roles in the flash-sideways story this week: Keamy & Omar are back & more awesome than even I remembered. “I feel like I’m in that Godzilla movie.” HA! And Mikhail makes an appearance! GAH!
  • Double GAH! They took Jin to Room 23, aka the Karl brainwashing room!
  • Richard is back & apparently has a completely renewed sense of purpose & a plan, which Ilana will totally follow because it’s pretty clear she’s out of ideas. What I’d really like to know is what Jack’s plan is, if it’s not to blow up the plane.
  • “A wise man once said war is coming to this island.” Fun fact: The Man in Black version 1.0 is played by Titus Welliver, who also played War on Supernatural. Of course, I’ve mentioned before that Jacob is played by Mark Pellegrino, who also plays Lucifer on Supernatural.
  • “Is my name on the wall? Is her name on the wall?” Flocke kind of lies to Claire here, right? Cause Littleton is on the wall, but it’s crossed out. Flocke also confirms here that Kate’s name was on the wall, but she isn’t a Candidate anymore. Seriously, why have some folks who are still alive been eliminated as Candidates? Also, nice, Flocke, basically sicing Rousseau-like Crazy Dark Claire on Kate after she’s talked the remaining Candidates over to MiB’s side.

This episode featured an abnormally large amount of TOTALLY AWESOME lines, some of which I really want to include here:

  • Ben: “What?? For the fourth time, I was gathering mangoes & she was already unconscious when I found her! Why won’t you believe me?” Ilana: “Because you’re speaking.”
  • Frank: “Heeeey. Don’t talk about bacon.”
  • Miles: “She hits her head & forgets English? We’re supposed to buy that?” Frank: “Asks the man who communes with the dead.”
  • Miles: “This is your fault, isn’t it.” Hurley: “Sort of.”
  • Hurley: “I don’t think she wants to come.”
  • Sawyer: “No, guess that’d be ridiculous” to the idea of Flocke turning into black smoke & floating off the Island.

Finally, I just wanted to finish off this post by listing off some key points we know about The Package, aka Desmond Hume:

  • Desmond is special. The rules don’t apply to him.
  • Desmond is Daniel’s constant.
  • Penny is Desmond’s constant.
  • Desmond knew the Oceanic 5 were going back to the Island, knew about Mrs Hawking but didn’t go with them.
  • Desmond was last seen alive & with Penny after surviving being shot by Ben. Charles Widmore was outside the hospital & knew where he was.
  • The Island isn’t done with him yet.
  • Desmond has been missing from the television show “Lost” for eight episodes despite being a series regular. Welcome back, Henry Ian Cusick.

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