Thoughts on Lost Season 5 Episode 8 Recon

-by Amy Yen

Color me officially confused as to what the flashsideways timeline is. Obviously, it’s not just a split timeline from whether Oceanic flight 815 crashed, as was sort of suggested in LA X (the plane hitting turbulence but not going down). I thought it was a split timeline from the Island existing past 1977. But the more stories we see from this timeline, the more supporting characters from our Island timeline plop in to our main Losties’ sideways lives, the more skeptical I am about what this timeline actually is.

Lost has always played with the idea of connections. Claire & Jack are both on flight 815 & turn out to unknowingly be half-siblings. Libby was in the mental institution with Hurley & gives Desmond the sailboat that landed him on the Island. Desmond knows Jack from training at the same stadium in LA three years before 815 crashes on the Island. But the flashsideways timeline is different, if only because we know something about these characters. By complete chance, how does Miles end up becoming a LA cop, partnered with Sawyer James Ford? Can he still hear the dead in this reality?? He still has a relationship with his father, which means Pierre Chang got off the Island before it blew up in 1977. Instead of working in Dharma, he works in a museum with an archeologist, not anthropologist, named Charlotte Lewis, who presumably also got off the Island & never tried to get back.

In terms of coincidences, this is all a little too much to swallow. (Funny, it was Miles showing up as a cop that really convinced me of this, yet I totally didn’t even question Ben working in the same school as substitute Locke, Doc Arzt AND Alex Rousseau.) It has to have something to do with specific relationships between certain people. I just really hope they start pulling these timelines together sooner rather than later, because time’s running out, folks.

Other thoughts about “Recon”:

  • Charlotte’s appearance in the flashsideways world is kind of like Dogen’s when we first saw him in Jack’s. A little pointless. Disappointing that it wasn’t more significant. But it was nice to see her, alive & un-bloody, although it would have been nice to tie up the loose storyline in her actual character arc & had something with Daniel. And Dogen’s flashsideways cameo did turn out to be more significant than originally thought, so who knows?
  • I did love the continuality of Sawyer & Miles’ Dharma-nostalgic friendship. Sawyer asking Kate about him was nice. And unlikely as it was, it was good to see them so close in the sideways timeline also.
  • Did you catch Liam Pace, Charlie’s brother, at the police station, asking “Detective James Ford” for information about Charlie’s drug arrest (from the plane, inadvertently caused by Jack saving his life)?
  • Detective Ford’s code word to call in Miles & the cavalry when his sting went south is “LaFleur.” Aw. Also, he tries to give Charlotte a sunflower, which is what he gave Juliet in “LaFleur” the episode. Double aw.
  • “Do you want to die alone?” HA! I didn’t even catch that the first time. I was too busy thinking how lovely/sad it is that Sawyer & Juliet are star-crossed in this universe too.
  • Flocke was totally all about telling the truth this episode. He tells Cindy & the kids the smoke monster killed the people at the Temple, Sawyer that he IS the smoke monster & Kate all that stuff about his crazy mother. And what about that, by the way? Who is the Man in Black’s mother?
  • Flocke knows Widmore. Widmore knows Flocke. And that Flocke definitely is not Locke. How is that, exactly? How much did Widmore find out before leaving the Island? And what’s with that super shady locked door on the sub? And what are the sub people doing over there on Hydra, building pylons to keep Smokey out? And where’s Mrs Hawking in all this? And most importantly, where are Desmond & Penny??
  • If I were Kate, I totally would not trust Rousseau-Like Crazy Dark Claire to get anywhere near me, even if she is crying & saying exactly what Kate wanted to hear after coming all the way back to this place after getting all the way off. Dude. She’s clearly CRAZY. Did you not see the creepy bone baby?
  • Flashsideways! Sawyer has a pretty huge place for a cop in LA. You should see my place. I don’t even have a kitchen, y’all.

2 Responses

  1. I think Flocke’s crazy mother is the island!

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