Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 7 Dr. Linus

-by Amy Yen

“I will have you.”

In different ways (but not that different), in both timelines, Ben Linus has Alex Rousseau’s life in his hands. In one, he bluffs, tells her she means nothing to him even as the bullet leaves the gun that kills her. In the other, he sees his defeat for what it is & walks away to let her live. Ben Linus has always been a snake of a man, who you expect to lie to your face, stab you in the back, who you’d perfectly expect in the situation he was in in the principal’s office, faced with choosing power or his student’s future—a choice that you’d expect any other man to choose the student—you expect Ben Linus to choose himself. But, Lost’s final season is slowly teaching us, the flash-sideways Dr. Linus is not Ben.

After what has been 30 years of, let’s face it, pretty undeniable evildoing, Ben got a surprise in this episode. He got the chance to choose right. And in both realities, this time, he took it. He chooses Alex. He chooses Ilana & the survivors. He puts down the gun. He offers to help rebuild. At the last possible second, he is redeemed, even for someone for whom redemption seemed impossible.

PS: And the Emmy goes to Michael Emerson.

Additional thoughts on “Dr Linus”:

  • It doesn’t matter which timeline it is, Locke sees the potential in Ben Linus. Plants the seed in his mind of power, of escape.
  • I want to know Ilana’s story. Really hope we get an Ilana-centric episode (seems like wishful thinking with so little time left). For a character so started out so colorless, she has turned into one of the most emotionally compelling & plot-important characters still walking around.
  • Ilana is on the Island to protect the Candidates. She says there are only six left. Hurley, Jack, Sawyer & either Sun or Jin or both. But who are the other two? Locke’s name is already crossed out & Sayid seems gone also. Ilana knows about both of those situations too, so does she still consider them Candidates?
  • Black Rock, y’all! And Richard! Black Rock & Richard! Richard, who has lost all faith & wants out of his supposed gift. And who would have guessed that Jack would be the one to show that there’s something left of Jacob’s plans after all.
  • Richard can’t kill himself because he was touched by Jacob & he can’t kill a Candidate, who was also touched by Jacob, along with himself. The Man in Locke can’t kill Candidates. And he can’t kill Dogen & Dogen can’t kill him, but a Candidate can kill Dogen. I am so not understanding the rules of who can kill who.
  • Miles was full of all sorts of usefulness in this episode. He exposes Ben’s lie by throwing his own words about Sayid killing Dogan & Lennon back at him, makes everyone feel really bad for Jacob’s belief in Ben & rejects Ben’s bribe (there’s that $3.2 million again) in favor of taking Niki & Paulo’s diamonds (HA!). I’m glad to see Miles & Hurley’s gifts come into play this season.
  • When in doubt, go back to the beach. Jack & Hurley find Sun (& Frank) for the first time since they got tossed back in 1977. Ilana has finally found two (confirmed) Candidates alive & well. There’s hope.
  • OMG Widmore! I was wondering when he & Mrs. Hawking would come back into play. Where is Desmond??
  • Finally, can I just say that Michael Giacchino has really been outdoing himself this season with the score. It’s wonderful. Congrats on a well-deserved Oscar for Up also. I have always enjoyed his work.

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  1. This show…is…ugh….the best worst show I have ever seen. I’ll say that.

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