Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 6 Sundown

-by Amy Yen

“I know what kind of man you are.” Am I the only one totally bummed by Sayid’s entire life? I mean, come ON. Even in an alternate timeline, all of his stories come down to death.

Okay, so, let me see if I understand. Jacob finds people & offers them something they can’t refuse to come to the Island. In fear of losing what Jacob gave them, they stay. Now that Jacob’s dead, the Man in Black tells them they are free to go. So why doesn’t Dogen think he is free to go back to his son? Why did it come down to Dogen  that was keeping the Man in Black out of the Temple? When Locke drowns him in the murky water (still waiting on the significance of the water not being clear), Smokey can enter. Why? And if Jacob hadn’t gotten Jack & Hurley out of there, could Smokey have touched them? Could he have gotten Kate, who isn’t one of the main Candidates but whose name does appear on the wheel in the Lighthouse? What about Miles, who appears in the Numbers Cave?

Other thoughts:

  • Um, LOL to Keamy‘s presence in Sayid’s flashsideways. I missed it until then, but Sayid’s brother who married Nadia is Omar. Same Omar on Keamy’s mercenary team from the Freighter who was killed when Keamy kicked a grenade over  to him on Day 100? (Sometimes, Keamy is awesome.) (POST-SCRIPT: Okay, guess it’s not the same Omar, it’s actually Omer who is Sayid’s brother, which seems like a missed opportunity, or at the least a poor character naming decision.)
  • Sayid, I hate to correct you, but you TOTALLY let the Man in Black speak before you stabbed him. Don’t go blaming your failures on poor, dead Dogen. Also, why, exactly is it too late for Sayid once the Man in Black speaks?
  • OMG Miles, thank God you survived. When he was running from Smokey, I was seriously thinking if Miles doesn’t make it, I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU, Darlton! It’d be like killing Frank!
  • “I thought about going after him too.” Aww, I love that 70s Dharmaville Miles & Sawyer were so close. Also, final item on Miles, I totally thought we’d get an answer on why he was looking at seemingly-dead Sayid all weird in the premiere. Remember? We thought maybe it was become he wasn’t hearing anything from him so maybe Sayid wasn’t actually dead?
  • I would really like to know what Ilana’s plan is. Besides finding a secret Temple compartment for the remaining survivor contingent. Do you notice that she refers to all of them by their last names (aka Candidate names)? “Linus” included.
  • Random note, but it’s weird to think of the last time some of these characters saw each other. Like I think Miles knew that Frank flew Ajira 316 back to the Island from the O3 who ended up with in Dharmaville, but he hasn’t actually seen him since Frank saved Miles & Sawyer & Claire (right before Claire disappeared) from running into Keamy. That was like mid-season 4!
  • Nice to see a little significance come out of Dogen’s presence in Jack’s flashsideways last week. Dogen comes to the Island to save his son, the one who thought David Shephard was talented.
  • Flashsideways! Keamy has Doesn’t-Speak-English-Flashsideways! Jin locked up! What?? Also, where exactly is Island Present Jin, anyway? Last we saw him, he met Flocke with Claire. Is he still a Candidate?
  • Um, awesome & also kind of hilarious that Kate herself ruined Jin’s thoughtful lie for her & now Claire totally wants to kill Kate for “taking” Aaron. Stop using that word, guys, it makes it sound really bad what you did, instead of just saving the child like what you were actually doing.
  • If the Man in Black isn’t actually evil incarnate, he’s an awfully good imitation.

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