Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 5 Lighthouse

-by Amy Yen

I don’t really have much comprehensive thought on this episode, which at times lagged & lost my attention in a way that Lost hasn’t really done (outside of Kate episodes) in two seasons. It’s hard to pin down why I’m a little disappointed in “Lighthouse,” which did have a few brilliant reveals. It didn’t approach the waste of precious final season time that was “What Kate Does,” but compared to last week’s brilliant Locke-centric episode, it’s hard not to pale.

Here are some scattered thoughts:

  • “He told me to tell you, you have what it takes.” Even in an alternate timeline, everybody in Lostverse has daddy issues. Luckily for David Shephard (NICE with the name, writers), Jack would be, in the end, a great dad.
  • There are Numbers! With Candidate names! On the Lighthouse wheel thing! The numbers are degrees! So Jacob can spy on the Candidates’ lives! OMG guys!
  • 108 degrees. Sound familiar? 108 is the sum of the Numbers, as well as having a lot of other significance.
  • I wonder if the degrees also have to do with the specific bearings on which it is safe to come & go from the Island. Like Faraday’s bearings were 305.
  • I wish Dogan’s presence in Jack’s flash-sideways was more significant, rather than just an excuse for him to wax poetic in vaguely uncomfortable ways.
  • Hurley + Jacob = Awesome. More, please. “I had to get you and Jack as far away from the Temple as I possibly could.” If Jacob’s trying to save Candidates, I guess Sayid’s out of the running.
  • Flocke is Rousseau-like Crazy Dark Claire’s “friend”! And she knows he isn’t Locke!
  • Interesting that the last time that Jin really saw Aaron must have been when Sun had him, before she took him on the helicopter. I’m assuming Kate filled the Dharmaville survivors in on her off-Island super shady fake adoption. Wow, that’s surprisingly practical of the survivors.
  • Adam & Eve! Hurley’s time travel theory would have worked perfectly in season 5, but since they didn’t explain it in any of the flashes, I feel like it’s hard to accept it. At this point, I feel like we have to know who it is actually in order to explain that particular mystery. (Personally, I still think it’s Rose & Bernard.)
  • Did you notice the spare key at Jack’s ex’s house is hidden under a rabbit statue? Like the one in Miles’ flashback too, the first time he heard dead people.
  • Does it make anyone else nervous that Hurley’s been wearing a red shirt all this time?

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