Thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episode 3 What Kate Does

-by Amy Yen

The problem with Kate episodes is there tends to be too much Kate, a character who ceased being likable or sympathetic or even really all that interesting several seasons ago. There also tends to be a certain amount of absurdity in her subplots, which distracts from whatever actual story is in her episodes. Like, actually, one of the very few things I liked about season 5 Kate was that she didn’t come back to the Island for the obvious reason (Sawyer) but the right one (Claire). It was a rare lack of selfishness & illustration of her wanting the best for Aaron that was completely overshadowed by the fact that it was never really brought up again once she invaded Dharmaville & had her hands full destroying Sawyer & Juliet’s chance at happiness.

So anyway, for that reason, it was nice to see the follow-up to Kate’s connection to Aaron in “What Kate Does.” However, again, it was hard to recognize amidst the absolute ridiculousness of Kate going back for Claire, then Claire getting back in the car with a HIJACKER WEARING HANDCUFFS WHO HELD HER AT GUNPOINT & basically all the other plot that happened in this week’s flash-sideways (official term! which I kind of hate!) that led to that scene at the end, where Kate tells Claire she should keep Aaron.

Meanwhile, back in the timeline that probably matters much more, Sawyer is plowing right past Denial in the Stages of Grief & heading straight for Anger. In the middle of all that angst in Sawyer & Juliet’s tragic love story, I missed the real tragedy in Juliet’s story. Sawyer, wonderfully in that he knows her, doesn’t. The real tragedy for Juliet is that she never got off the island that she hated so much. And after all those near-misses, the deal with Jack before Locke blew up the submarine, at the dock before Jim LaFleur got them a two-week reprieve in Dharmaville, in the sub with Sawyer talking about Microsoft & starting over, she dies on the Island. “I’m glad you talked me out of it,” she tells Sawyer when he apologizes for not letting her leave. But he knows he shouldn’t have.

Sawyer & Juliet weren’t married, which is, in a way, actually surprising. He throws the ring into the water, off the Island because she wouldn’t have wanted it on it. Kate’s there, on the dock where he convinced her to stay for two weeks & it turned to forever, & I am again so glad that the writers know better than to take away from what Sawyer lost when he lost Juliet by having Kate do what she usually does. I’m not sure 16 hours will be enough to get to the point where I will be okay with that.

Other notes from this episode:

  • No Flocke/Richard/Ben subplot in this episode? Really? LAME.
  • Jin & Sun are back in the same relative time period, both on the Island. I really really hope we get to see them reunite in this reality at some point.
  • They managed to stuff in one of the most ridiculous Kate traits, her “tracking” ability, which I never understood since it can detect things like how long ago someone walked somewhere. WHATEVER, Kate.
  • Ethan as Claire’s doctor! “I just don’t want to have to stick you with needles if I don’t have to.”
  • “How can you be sure?” “Because it happened to your sister.” OMG! What?? Rousseau-like Crazy Dark Claire!

Next time on Lost, Grieving!Sawyer meets Not!Locke.


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