Live-Blogging Lost Season 6 Premiere LA X

-by Amy Yen

8:59 – So, it’s come to this. Lost’s final season & guess what, folks? I’m spoiler-free. Can you believe it? Me! I know, I’m shocked too! Anyway, I’m fairly convinced this is going to be awesome. In Darlton we trust, you know? So here we go.

9:00 – Previously on Lost, the series happened. Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island. The survivors scrounged to survive, fought violent natives called the Others, found an awesome Scotsman named Desmond & a crazy French woman named Rousseau, found a hatch & the remains of a lost community called the Dharma Initiative & a man who called himself Henry Gale. They were rescued, but not really, left & came back, skipped through time like a record & found themselves, really found themselves, in 1977. And then? They set off a hydrogen bomb called Jughead & maybe never did any of it at all.

9:01 – We open on white. It clears, it’s clouds. It’s Oceanic 815. It worked? Jack looks around, confused, disturbed. He doesn’t seem to remember as he flirts with the flight attendant & endures the first round of turbulence. Something’s different. This time, it’s Rose that reassures him that it’s normal. Then there’s another round of turbulence & Jack hangs on for dear life. And then? It stops. The plane levels out. Bernard comes back from the bathroom where he was when he was separated from Rose the first time. They’re sweet at each other & Jack gets up. In the restroom, he notices a small bloody wound on his neck.

9:05 – Back at his seat, Desmond is sitting there! What? Seriously, what? Oh, wait. If the timeline reset, then he’d never get stuck on the Island? I guess? Jack looks at Desmond as if he recognizes him, déjà vu that doesn’t make sense. Why the hell is he on this flight?

9:06 – The camera moves out the window, down into the ocean. And we see…the Island! Underwater! The shot keeps going & ends on the foot of the statue! At the bottom of the ocean! OMG! What??!

9:09 – Back from commercials & suddenly, we’re back in 1977 when Jack dropped Jughead & Juliet got dragged down with it. Again, she sets it off. Whiteout. And we see Kate’s eye flicker open. The sound is muffled as she realizes she’s in a tree. She climbs to safety & looks around, shouts for Jack. PS: It’s night, suddenly. On the ground, her hearing returns & she almost kills Miles when he comes up behind her. Hilariously, his ears are ringing. He shouts at her, confused, as Kate sees something. She tells Miles, “We’re back.” What??

9:13 – They come across a wrecked clearing & Kate tells Miles it’s the Swan hatch after Desmond blew it up. Miles concludes they’re no longer in 1977. I’m so confused. So, did they return to the present? How does that make sense? What am I saying, make sense. Lost. Hilarious.

9:14 – Kate spots more Dharma-clad still bodies in the grass & goes to wake up Jack. Jack can’t believe they’re at the Hatch either. Because if it’s blown up, that means it was built. Because if it was built, then Oceanic 815 still crashed. (But it didn’t. Or did it? So confused.) Sawyer tackles Jack, furious & grief-stricken, yelling about how Jack’s plan didn’t work, they’re back where they started, only Juliet’s dead. (But is she? Still confused.) Jack doesn’t know what to say, because, you know, Sawyer’s right.

9:14 – Flash…something. Alternate timeline/reality/thing. Jack’s walking down the aisle on Oceanic 815. At the bathroom, he comes across the marshal who is waiting for Kate in the bathroom. She runs into Jack on her way out. He looks at her funny too. The marshal & Kate go back to their seats where Sawyer knocks into the marshal on his way up the aisle. By his seat, Doc Arzt is pestering Hurley to do his Mr. Cluck’s commercial in an Australian accent. He does, finally & Doc Arzt cracks up & Sawyer is unimpressed until Hurley mentions that he won the lottery. Hurley cheerfully doesn’t let Sawyer ruin his mood & says he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Well, that’s a change.

9:16 – Flash. Island present. Hurley, still in his Dharma jumper, wakes up by the van & demands to know what happened from Jin. Jin thinks they moved through time since what happened felt like one of the island-moving flashes. In the distance, they hear Sawyer screaming at Jack. Jin goes toward them while Hurley stays with the somehow-not-dead-yet Sayid.

9:18 – At the Swan site, Jin fetches Jack to go help Sayid. Kate hears something, quiets everyone. They realize it’s Juliet. Somehow! Still! Alive! I mean, COME ON. WORST. BOMB. EVER. Sawyer starts freaking out, going after her & we jump back to Hurley & Sayid, who is not looking so hot. He knows he’s about to die. He says he deserves it. He appears to die, but I’m going to go ahead & doubt it, with what’s gone on so far this episode. Suddenly, there’s noises in the brush & Hurley grabs a gun. He turns around to see…OMG IT’S JACOB! BUT YOU’RE DEAD! Wait, are you dead?

9:20 – Okay, so Jacob died in 2007, right? In the timeline where the plane did crash & eventually the Man in Black disguised as Locke manipulated Ben into killing him. But if the plane never crashed, Locke never came to the Island, which means the Man in Black couldn’t take him over, which I guess means Jacob didn’t die? Wait a second…

9:23 – Alternate timeline. At this point, Jin is still a jerk to Sun. Meanwhile, Locke talks to Boone about his walkabout in Australia. Remember when these two were super close? I wonder if Locke is in the wheelchair in this reality…

9:24 – In the foot of the statue, Fake Locke (Flocke) cleans the knife while Ben stares at the fire. He reassures Ben that Jacob is gone. Ben appears devastated, but he’s also vaguely aware that something is wrong. Jacob didn’t fight back. Flocke instructs Ben to go outside & tell Richard he needs to talk to him. This is super ominous.

9:26 – Outside Jacob’s lair, Ilana’s group & the Others are still standing around, uneasy. Sun talks to Frank, who explains what he knows about Ilana’s group, which is not a lot. He says they told him they’re the good guys, which neither of them buy. The real question is, if they’re the good guys, who’s the bad guys? Widmore? The Man in Black acting on his own? So confused.

9:27 – Richard stops Ilana & Bram from entering the statue. He says no one enters without Jacob inviting them, but Ilana says Jacob did. Ben emerges, clutching his arm & Richard, in a panic, asks what happened. We’ve never seen Richard like this, so out of sorts, & it’s super disturbing. Ben says Jacob is fine & John wants to see Richard. Richard scoffs at this, grabs Ben & shoves him into the sand by Locke’s cold, dead body. Ben’s eyes basically pop out of his head.

9:31 – Back in the Island present, the survivors dig out debris, trying to get to Juliet. Sawyer sends Jin off to get some chains from the van so they can move a heavy beam. Meanwhile, Hurley trails Jacob through the jungle, asking questions. What’s he doing here? How did he know that stuff in the taxi? How did he know Hurley was here? Jacob says nothing because that would revealing too much information. He stops by the van & looks at poor, dead Sayid. Hurley demands answers, saying Jin will be back any minute. Jacob says Jin won’t be able to see him. Why? “Because I died an hour ago,” says Jacob. Um, OMG.

9:33 – Hurley sympathizes with Jacob about the whole being dead thing. “I’m sorry, dude, that sucks.” And OMG, this, THIS is why they made Hurley see dead people. That’s so awesome, it’s not even funny. Jacob explains that he was killed by an old friend who got tired of his company. Jacob says he wants Hurley to save Sayid, who I guess isn’t so dead after all. Well, that just figures. He says to take Sayid to the Temple. Jin will know how to get there. The opening is the hole in the wall where he was with the French team & Rousseau. Wait, the Temple totally made Ben crazy & evil, we don’t want that to happen to Sayid!

9:34 – Jacob says to take the guitar case he gave him, which means we might actually get to find out what’s in it, which, I mean, finally. Hurley asks who he is & Jacob actually tells him. Whoa. Jacob clearly doesn’t know the rules of this show, which clearly state that it is illegal to ever give a straight-forward or truthful answer to a question. Anyway, Jin picks this moment to arrive & demand that Hurley help him with the van. Hurley puts Sayid inside & Jin drives them to the Swan site. In the van, Hurley asks Jin about the hole in the wall & the French team & Jin admits that he knows where it is. Hurley just says good. At the Swan, everyone runs around attaching the chain to the beam & Sawyer swears to Kate that if Juliet dies, he’ll kill Jack. Well Kate is totally the wrong person to swear that to, Sawyer. Come on.

9:35 – Alternate timeline. The flight attendant collects Jack, confirming he’s a doctor & saying someone’s been the restroom for a long time. Someone says the door is jammed & Sayid comes up & totally kicks it in. I heart you Sayid, please don’t die or become evil! Jack checks on who’s inside & it’s predictably Charlie, wearing his Drive Shaft ring & not breathing.

9:40 – Back from commercial, Jack tries to save Charlie, with Sayid’s help. He determines something’s in his air passage & asks for something sharp & a pen to do an emergency tracheotomy. Jack reaches down his throat & pulls out something small & clear. Charlie wakes up & confirms that he’s alive.

9:41 – Island present. The team connects the chain & Jin drives the van & lifts the beam with some effort. Sawyer climbs down the hole & finds Juliet, still & bloody. He moves stuff off of her & she opens her eyes. Their love theme plays in the background. Sawyer is frantic, trying to get her out, but Juliet is devastated that the plan didn’t work. Between sobs, she lets slip that she hit the bomb & he’s stunned. She just wanted him to go home. He promises that he’ll get her out. Well, V did pretty well in the ratings so I’m going to guess that’s one promise he won’t be able to keep. Sigh.

9:44 – In the van, Jack is pessimistic about Sayid’s chances. Hurley tells them that he can save him if they can get him to the Temple. He’s surprisingly firm with Jack about letting him save Sayid. You know, I think I should be feeling more worried about this, but there’s too much other stuff going on.

9:45 – By the statue, Richard pleads with Ben to tell him what’s going on, but Ben is staring at poor, dead Locke, stunned. Richard asks “as a friend,” which is pretty rich. Ben snarks that if Richard wants to know what happened, he should go in & find out himself. Then Bram comes up & grabs Ben by the collar & says they’re going in & he’s coming with them. You know, I’m beginning to like Bram.

9:46 – Inside the foot of the statue, Flocke sits, still holding his knife. Ben comes in & he asks him where Richard is. Ben says he’s not coming & Bram enters with a gun & two other guys. Flocke tells Bram Jacob’s dead. He assumes Bram & his guys are Jacob’s bodyguards & says that with Jacob dead, they’re free. Bram just goes ahead & shoots at Flocke. I really like Bram. Flocke flees & disappears as Bram & his guys search the lair. They find a tiny bit of metal on the ground, but nothing else & suddenly, there’s a loud sound. They point their guns at the entrance & OMG it’s the Smoke Monster! GAH!

9:47 – Smokey immediately starts after Bram’s dudes. The extras are quickly dispensed of & Ben hides. Bram quick gets out some black ash like what was around Jacob’s cabin & creates a circle of it around himself. It seems to keep Smokey at bay & Bram smiles. Smokey then knocks into other stuff & causes debris to fall on Bram & knock him out of the circle & then he grabs him. The end, Bram. Ah man. I liked that dude. Ben cowers but he looks up & Smokey’s gone. He looks around & suddenly there’s Flocke. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that,” he says. OMG!!!! Flocke/The Man in Black is the Smoke Monster!

9:52 – Island present. Kate calls down to Sawyer as he tries to get Juliet out. Juliet groans & Sawyer hugs her. Sawyer’s still thinking furiously, trying to figure out how to save her, but Juliet’s already part-way gone. She asks him to kiss her & he does. She says she has to tell him something important, mouths something but closes her eyes & then she’s gone. Sawyer holds her close, losing her all over again.

9:55 – The group watches as Sawyer carries Juliet out of her grave. Jack is still up top by the van & Sawyer stands there, Juliet in his arms, & glowers, promising. “You did this.”

9:56 – Alternate timeline. Charlie is led away in handcuffs & is mad at Jack. Jack returns to his seat but Desmond is no longer there. Rose doesn’t know where he went. As Jack sits down, “Captain Norris,” aka Greg Grunberg comes over the intercom to say they’re approaching their descent into LAX. So there goes the theory that in this timeline, Frank Lapidus makes this flight after all. Jack looks out the window & the music is dreamy & soft as we see all of our survivors on the plane, way above the city. We get a shot of Boone & there’s no Shannon. I didn’t really put it together when we saw him before, but I guess in this reality, Shannon didn’t get on the flight.

9:58 – Oceanic 815 lands safely at LAX & police board to escort Charlie out. They also grab his guitar case on his way out. The rest of the passengers do their get-the-hell-off-the-plane thing. Boone shakes Locke’s hand & leaves but Locke remains in his seat, waiting for his wheelchair. Sawyer & Hurley & Jack & the rest leave the plane & walk back into their lives.

10:04 – Island present. Sayid bleeds quietly in the van. Hurley gets the guitar case out of the van & cryptically tells Miles it’s not a guitar. I wonder if he even knows what it is. Sawyer refuses Kate’s offer to help bury Juliet & come on, Kate, are you surprised? You’re part of this too, you’re the reason why Juliet changed her mind & don’t think Sawyer doesn’t realize that. Sawyer asks Miles to stay behind instead & basically tells Kate they won’t be following. Jack looks on sadly as Sawyer picks up Juliet’s body.

10:05 – Jack & gang pick up Sayid’s body to carry him to the Temple & is anyone else wondering why they can’t just take the van?

10:06 – Alternate timeline. At LAX, Jack is paged over the loudspeaker. At an Oceanic counter, a clerk awkwardly apologizes & stumbles his way through an admission that Christian Shephard’s coffin wasn’t on the plane & in fact, they don’t know where it is & thus, it probably isn’t going to be there for the funeral that’s in two hours. Jack is understandably appalled. I mean, talk about screw-ups of all screw-ups. I mean, I’m mad when I have to wait more than 10 minutes for my bags & my bags just have clothes in them.

10:07 – Jin & gang arrive at the Temple. Hurley points out a hole in the wall where they’re going to take Sayid in. The group climbs through & enters a creepy tunnel, complete with skeletons. They raid the skeleton’s stuff & Kate recovers matches to light a torch. How very season 1-4 of you. The music gets more insistent as they reach a place in the tunnel with a giant hole. Jin & Jack carefully maneuver Sayid’s stretcher around it. While they’re distracted, Kate goes ahead & promptly disappears. Jack runs after her & hears Hurley call out & Jack runs back & can’t find anyone. He turns & immediately punched in the face. Well, you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

10:11 – Outside, the group has been captured by some other unidentified folks, presumably the Others. They look across the clearing & see the Temple. Annnnd commercials.

10:15 – Alternate timeline. At LAX, the marshal snarks his way through customs. Kate asks to go to the restroom & the marshal reluctantly takes her. In the stall, she immediately gets out a pen & breaks it open. Oh, wait! It’s Jack’s pen! Earlier, when he was trying to save Charlie, he said it wasn’t in his jacket anymore. Ah, nice, producers. Anyway, the marshal eventually gets suspicious just as Kate knocks open the door & knocks him out. She searches his jacket for the handcuff keys but before she can find them, some women walk in the bathroom. She makes up some story about how the man attacked her & plays a convincing shaken-up girl. She flees as the women call for security & runs for an elevator, which is held for her, of course, by Sawyer.

10:17 – In the elevator, Sawyer notices that a) Kate & he were on the same flight & b) Kate is wearing handcuffs. Some security guards enter & are immediately called on the radio to deal with the marshal situation. Sawyer smoothly allows Kate to get off on the next floor.

10:18 – Island present. Sawyer digs Juliet’s grave with Miles looking on. They’ve taken off their Dharma jumpsuits. Miles looks at Sawyer with concern. He calls him boss, which is sweet, although Sawyer tells him to stop. Then he gets to the point. He wants Miles to ask poor, dead Juliet what she was going to tell him. Miles is a little devastated himself about this (“She’s gone, James!”), which is a lovely change for sarcastic, abrasive Miles from season 4. PS: Somehow, I’d completely forgotten about Miles’ power. I’m glad they bring it up every once in a while to remind us it was put into the story for a reason.

10:19 – Sawyer tackles Miles, demanding he try & Miles finally agrees. I hope this isn’t one of the times when he fakes it, but I don’t think he’d do that to Sawyer. I think in a way, Miles is just as sad as Juliet & Sawyer about leaving their Dharma times behind. Miles gets down on his knees to do his thing, we see it working so we know it’s real. He’s wide-eyed as he tells Sawyer what Juliet wanted to tell him: “It worked.” Sawyer & Miles & I really don’t understand.

10:21 – Back with Jack’s group, they’re led by the others to an Asian man who seems to be a leader. [post note: Apparently his name is Dogan, thank you Lostpedia] They ask who Jack’s group are & Cindy the flight attendant volunteers that they’re survivors from the “first crash,” implying there’s a second crash, presumably Ajira 316. The leader says to shoot them & our heroes start yelling out to stop, but what works is what Hurley says, which is “Jacob sent us.” The leader asks Hurley to prove it. Hurley thinks for a second & the Others get antsy again & Hurley suddenly realizes what he has to do that…the guitar case! The Others take it & open it…it’s a giant ankh. Like from the statue & Amy’s husband’s necklace. The Others are pretty convinced.

10:22 – The leader takes the ankh & suddenly breaks it on his knee. Hurley cries out, but turns out there’s a message inside. The leader asks for their names & Hurley gives his & tells them to give theirs, including Sayid’s. The leader says to take Sayid to the spring & then he starts to leave. Hurley stops him & demands to know what the message said. The leader’s translator tells him that it said that if his friend Sayid dies, they’re all in a lot of trouble. Why? Still confused as to who these Others are. If this is the Island present, which is 2007 where Richard & Ben & Flocke are I think, then shouldn’t the leader of the Others be with Richard’s group? Confused.

10:29 – Alternate timeline. Still at LAX, now at customs with Jin & Sun. Jin is nervously trying to get around customs, but his language barrier is in the way. Eventually the officer finds a bag with a ton of money. More than he can carry without declaring it. Sun nervously asks why he has it, but Jin is of course still a jerk at this point so he just snaps at her. The officer takes Jin away & says to another officer to take Sun to the waiting area. The other officer seems suspicious & asks if Sun knows any English so she can explain the situation. After a long moment, Sun claims she doesn’t.

10:30 – Island present. The Others lead Jack’s group into the Temple, where they take Sayid to the spring. The water looks violent & red like blood. The translator & leader seem surprised. The leader goes down by the water & cuts his hand. He lets the blood wash off in the water & looks at his hand. Then he gets up & demands to know who did this to Sayid. Jack takes responsibility. The translator tells them that if they do this, there are risks. Jack says to do what they have to do. I mean, what choice do they have, really. The Others carry Sayid to the water & submerges him. They also turn a giant hourglass. Yes, of course they have a giant hourglass.

10:32 – They hold down Sayid underwater & Hurley starts to protest, but suddenly Sayid starts to thrash about. Jack & gang all start protesting & trying to get them to stop but the Others are just stoic, waiting for the hourglass. They knock down Jack when he tries to intervene. Sayid stills & it really looks like he drowns & the sand finally runs out & they pick him up. He’s still, arms out. The survivors are freaked out. The leader goes over to look at Sayid, closes his eyes. The translator tells them that their friend is dead. What? Okay?

10:35 – Jack goes over to the body, starts CPR without a real sense of hope. Kate tells him to stop. Jack looks defeatedly at Sayid & I’m wondering if this happens a lot to the Others. Also, what happens if they succeed? I mean, with Ben it turned him into a psychopath. How did this little ritual do that?

10:40 – Alternate timeline. At LAX, Sayid looks at a picture of Nadia while at baggage claim. Meanwhile, Kate is still sneaking around with her jacket suspiciously over both hands. She spies a door with coded access, watches some other girl punch in the code & flees through it just as the guards seem to spot her. Outside the airport, she is just about to make her getaway in a taxi when none other than Neil “Frogurt” of the flaming arrow comes up & yells at her that there’s a line. Even in this stressful situation, she finds the time to give him an exasperated face. She gets in line behind Hurley. Who knew it was this difficult to flee one of the busiest airports in the world? How is she planning on paying for this taxi anyway?

10:42 –  Suddenly, Kate spots the marshal, up & about & not charged with attempted rape apparently, directing officers like 20 feet away from her. Instead of walking rapidly the other way like she should, she just stands there all panicked with her face clearly visible to him for like five minutes until he can’t help but spot her. She runs for the nearest taxi, which already has a passenger & points the marshal’s gun at the driver. The passenger already inside protests…it’s Claire.

10:42 – Island present. The spring at the Temple is all bubbly & dark still. Kate sits on the edge, looking at it. Jack sits by Sayid’s body, depressed. Cindy comes in with Zach & Emma, the kids from the flight, & offers some food. Then more Others come in, unloading an unconscious bleeding Sawyer & a dazed but conscious Miles. Miles says they were jumped in the jungle. The leader’s translator is there also & he asks that Hurley come with him.

10:43 – He’s taken in to see the leader, who asks through the translator what Jacob told him. Hurley realizes that the leader totally understands & can even speak English, he just doesn’t like to. The leader asks when Jacob is getting here & Hurley has to break the news that Jacob is totally dead. The leader looks up, genuinely scared.

10:44 – Suddenly, some bells sound & the leader & translator run out, yelling orders. The Others run around getting ready & fire a firecracker flare thing in the air. Hurley asks the translator tells Hurley that all this is to keep “him” out. Hurley doesn’t know who they’re talking about since he hasn’t met up with Flocke’s gang yet. But we have.

10:46 – In the foot of the statue, Ben asks what Flocke is. Flocke actually takes offense at being called the “monster,” although Ben is referring to Smokey. “Let’s not resort to name calling,” he says. Heh. Flocke drags Bram’s body out into the light while Ben notes in kind of a hurt tone that Flocke used him to kill Jacob. Flocke then pulls out the big guns by telling Ben that “he” was confused when Ben killed him. “He” in this case being John Locke. Then I’m confused as to how Flocke can know this…is he a copy of the original Locke then? Cause original Locke still has a dead body outside. I would get it if he was inhabiting that body & accessing the memories or something, but this is a separate body. How very Cylon of you.

10:46 – Flocke tells Ben the last thought of one John Locke before he died was “I don’t understand.” Aw, that is sad. Flocke decides it’s time to lecture. He says Locke was weak & pathetic & broken, but there was something admirable about him. He didn’t want to leave the Island because he knew what an improvement it was on his old life. Ben asks Flocke, finally, what is it that he wants. Flocke knows the irony, he just wants to go home.

10:51 – They’re really pushing The Forgotten hard this premiere & it’s weird & kind of awkward since everyone & I do mean everyone had that on their “among the first shows to be cancelled” list.

10:51 – Island present still. Sayid is still all dead. Hurley, rather sweetly, tells him goodbye & that if he ever wants to talk, Hurley is around. Miles is there too & looks thoughtful. Huh. One wonders if he can hear something from Sayid, or if he can’t. Cause both are significant. Nearby, Kate cleans Sawyer’s wounds. He slowly wakes up & realizes they got caught by the Others. Kate tells him the Others protected them this time. Kate tells him she’s sorry. Sawyer looks at Jack with this look on his face. Kate clearly thinks he’s going to kill him any minute, but Sawyer says he deserves to suffer by staying on the Island with the rest of them. Yeah, Sawyer, but the part of the plan you didn’t think through is you still have to see him.

10:53 – Alternate timeline. Jack is on his cell, explaining the whole missing coffin thing to his mom. As he gets off the phone, Locke in his wheelchair asks what he lost. Apparently they lost some of Locke’s bags & he looks as pleased as I do when they lose mine, heh, but of course feels bad when Jack tells him how they lost his father. I mean, again, seriously, he better get a ton of complimentary frequent flier miles for compensation. Anyway, this is Locke’s queue to launch into a do-any-of-us-know-where-we-go-after-death speech. “They didn’t lose your father. They lose his body.”

10:56 – An airline employee hands Locke his lost bag ticket & he gets ready to leave so Jack asks him an awkward question about what happened to him. Locke says his condition is irreversible, but Jack says nothing is irreversible. That seems like giving false hope. Anyway, he gives Locke a card & they introduce themselves & shake hands. Those enemies.

10:57 – Island present. We see the flare from the Others go up in the sky & we see Richard & Ilana & their group react. So, they are definitely in the same time as the other Others & the survivors then. Richard is freaked the hell out. Suddenly, Flocke appears. Ilana & crew point their guns, but Richard tells them not to shoot. Flocke walks right up to Richard, tells him he’s glad to see him out of chains. What? Richard: “You!” Flocke: “Me.” And then, Flocke knocks Richard out. He crumples. Ilana & gang still have their guns up. Ben is there also, shocked. Nobody dares do anything. Flocke picks up Richard’s prone body, looks at them all. “I am very disappointed. In all of you.” He walks off, passing real Locke’s poor, dead body as he goes. Man, Flocke is cold. Please don’t kill Richard before we find out who he is, Flocke.

10:58 – Back in the Temple, everyone’s still sitting around, defeated. The leader’s translator comes in. He asks to speak to Jack privately, but Jack refuses. The translator threatens him, but Jack just goes after one of the translator’s dudes instead. As everyone’s watching that stupidity, Hurley notices something surprising. He calls Jack’s name. The translator can’t believe it. Sayid sits up…alive. I mean, of course he is.

11:00 – Next time on Lost, Sawyer leaves! And doesn’t want anyone following! Kate does anyway because she’s ridiculous. Questions! Answered! Really.

Postscript: I’m not sure what I’ll be doing blog-wise this season, although it does seem like it’d be a shame not to live-blog since it’s the final season & all. Regardless, I’ll be doing something, so check back. Oh Lost, it’s good to have you back.


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