Live-Blogging Doctor Who: Waters of Mars

-by Amy Yen

NOTE: This post contains blatant, unabashed spoilers for the US/Canada airing of Waters of Mars. You should be pleased that I’ve managed to not post this sucker until now, since I obviously have had the download since approximately two hours after it aired in the UK in November. Waters of Mars airs on BBC America & on SPACE in Canada on December 19.

You’ll note I’m doing this off a download, so the time track will start at 0.

00:00 – We open on Adelaide Brooke, our one-off companion (well, sort of) for this story. She is the leader of a base on Mars. Adelaide watches a video message from her daughter, who appears to be in her 30s, & her baby granddaughter. The daughter blathers on about nothing until the transmission cuts her off. Luckily for us, this isn’t her story.

00:50 – In what is a pretty impressive Mars landscape, presumably done by The Mill, the TARDIS materializes & there he is, Perfect Ten. The Doctor is in his spacesuit, possibly the same one he had in 42 & The Impossible Planet/Satan’s Pit. He is vacationing on Mars, which is a lovely little thought, I think. If you could vacation in all of time & space, where would you go? There is a very subtle at times sense of dread throughout this entire story…if you forgot the warning Ten received at the end of Planet of the Dead, you’d do well to look it up again.

00:58 – I do enjoy how the Doctor, when he is alone, still comments aloud as if he had a companion to share his adventures with. If I was in a more romantic mood, I’d say we are all the Doctor’s companion.

01:24 – Please note that besides Adelaide, there are quite a few other crew members in the base & yes, I am aware that they have names. Unfortunately I didn’t really care what they were the first time I watched this & I sincerely doubt I will start to care now. One of them is pretty, vaguely Asian-looking woman. She is watching another guy, who we will later know as the controller of the most annoying part of the episode, as he does something outside the base. Another guy, who we’ll know as Grouchy-Second-in-Command Guy, grouches at him to get back inside. I really don’t care about any of these people.

02:17 – The Doctor find the base, which is designed fabulously. Seriously, great job, Mill, or whoever. It’s a spider design, with a central hub & tunnels extending out to different stations. The Doctor admires it without surprise (I wonder if he knows what year he’s landed in…or if he cares) before getting poked in the back by an android. This is Gadget. Learn to hate him now.

02:45 – Time vortex credits. Lindsay Duncan gets the coveted pre-title slot reserved for companions.

03:13 – In the base, Adelaide points a futuristic gun at the now spacesuit-less Doctor & demands his name, rank & intention. The Doctor awesomely replies, “The Doctor…doctor…fun.” Hee! I am going to miss you SO MUCH, Ten!

03:28 – The Doctor is in his blue suit, which is not my favorite. The crew runs around, freaking out since, of course, they just found some guy wandering around Mars in a blue suit. They are bewildered by the spacesuit. It does look a little outdated, even for present day, which this story is not set in, PS. The Doctor talks Adelaide into lowering the gun although the annoying Gadget remains trained on him. “Gadget, Gadget,” it says. I already want to shoot it.

04:28 – The Doctor notes that the guy we saw earlier is controlling Gadget with hand controls. The guy thinks the whole repeating “Gadget, Gadget” thing is hilarious. The Doctor & I think this guy is an idiot.

04:33 – Another woman in one of the other stations calls in on the comms, wondering what the hell is going on. Adelaide snaps at her so we can all see that she doesn’t take any crap. Got it, thanks. The woman & another man are in what looks like a greenhouse. The man is thrilled that they have successfully grown some carrots. The two of them seem pretty unfazed by the idea of a Martian on the base. The woman theorizes that the Doctor is a spy from the Philippines. She starts a monologue designed to keep her busy while her station mate washes the carrots off with some WATER & takes a bite. In the background, we watch him fall to his knees & start twitching. We hear the sound of water. The woman finally realizes something’s wrong. “Andy” is still on his knees, facing away from her. She approaches him like an idiot. Of course Andy is now a water zombie. Great.

06:12 – Back at the central station, the Doctor loses patience with the crew standing around theorizing about who the hell he is. He introduces himself & asks who they are. Adelaide scoffs that everyone on Earth knows who they are. They’re the first humans on Mars. Get excited, guys! It’s exposition time. Basically, they are on Bowie Base One, the first colony on Mars, established in 2058. Somewhat tiredly, this exposition scene is supported by a bunch of shots of internet pages, with background on the mission & crew. The Doctor knows all the crew members. The helpful internet pages tells us that they all died, all of them, in 2059. Which it is. November 21, 2059 to be exact. The helpful internet pages tell us that that is the date of a disaster on the base. We get some nice flashes of explosions. Only the Doctor would manage to land on a date like this.

08.18 – The Doctor starts to apologize. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” says Ten. He’s got to go, you see. It’s one of the rare times that he can’t do anything. He shakes the crew’s hands, pats Gadget, salutes Adelaide. He realizes there are two more people on the crew. Grouchy Second-in-Command calls Maggie, who is the woman in the greenhouse we saw earlier. Obviously, Maggie is now unavailable. There is growling over the comms & Ten again states that he really should go. It’s started.

09:30 – Adelaide looks at surveillance as the lights in the bio-dome go out. She is going to go check it out & the Doctor is going with her. This all started when he got there, it must be his fault somehow. It often is, after all. The Doctor is relieved of his spacesuit. He does not protest nearly enough.

10:14 – The Doctor & Adelaide & another crew member that I swear I have never seen before walk the tunnels to the bio-dome. The Doctor complains about Gadget some more & I really want him to just sonic screwdriver that sucker. I wish they had that MRI machine from Smith & Jones they could use on it.

11:37 – Adelaide gave up everything to do this mission, the Doctor exposits. She doesn’t regret it. It was worth it to be on a planet with no smog, to see straight streams of sun. The Doctor is getting that look, the one he gets when he has spotted a particularly interesting human. A potential companion. The woman with starlight in her soul, he calls Adelaide.

12:20 – They find Maggie, fallen but alive. The Doctor warns them not to touch her. They know the procedure, they tell him, but they immediately do touch her & I am SO not even going to feel bad when these idiots get killed. They send for medical assistance, which Grouchy-Second-in-Command insists on bringing. Adelaide is not pleased. She & the Doctor continue on while Grouchy is sent back & Maggie is taken to isolation in the sick bay. Meanwhile, two of the other anonymous crew members, Vaguely Asian girl & Side Pony Tail chick report that the growl they heard earlier matches Andy’s voice. No one is happy to hear the news.

13:39 – In the bio-dome, the Doctor sonics the computer screen & brings back the lights. Adelaide, seeing the screwdriver, calls him a janitor. Ten is amusingly not insulted. He might even like the phrase a little bit. The Maintenance Man of the Universe, he is.

14:07 – The Doctor is impressed by the crew’s progress. They have flowers & veggies & birds. The Doctor thinks the fact that the birds aren’t dead is a good sign. That’s the Doctor, always thinking positively.

14:50 – At the sick bay, Maggie wakes up & looks human. She says she doesn’t remember anything, can’t say what happened to Andy. The scene goes on long enough for Adelaide to shut down Grouchy Second-in-Command one more time. Do you think maybe they are setting something up?

15:22 – Maggie tries to talk the medic into letting her out, but clearly she is evil. In the bio-dome, the guy who is not Adelaide or the Doctor finds Andy, who is just standing there, facing away. Guy-whose-name-I-won’t-care-to-learn-since-he-is-soon-to-be-dead asks if Andy is alright. He’s dripping wet, dripping with WATER, not speaking, of COURSE he’s not alright. He is clearly evil. Suddenly he turns on him & that’s it for No-Name Guy.

16:28 – Back in the sick bay, the medic watches a video of his family, which is just another distracted monologue opportunity. Funny, I didn’t realize they used this trick again the first time I watched this. The medic talks & talks & in the background, Maggie convulses, changes, stills. She still talks the same though, asks about the medic’s family. He shows her the Caspian Sea, which she likes very much. You know, because of the WATER. Man, do they like WATER, these WATER zombies. They like Earth too. You know. Because of all the WATER.

17:22 – We hear the telltale dripping water, suddenly Maggie’s voice is deeper, ominous. “We should like that world,” she says & the medic finally, FINALLY turns around. Her mouth pours water. The medic reports to Adelaide. The water keeps flowing.

18:03 – Now, they had a similar mouth-spewing-water effect in The Shakespeare Code, which was done using a tube taped to the actor’s face pumping up water. The tube was concealed by a fake beard then. I wonder how they are doing it this time.

18:04 – Adelaide calls Tarek, aka No-Name Guy, aka Water Zombie #3. He obviously does not answer. Weird techno music plays as Adelaide & the Doctor run around looking for Tarek. They find him on his knees. Andy is pouring water all over him. The Doctor tries to dissuade Adelaide from using the gun. “I can help,” he says, because that’s what he always says. Andy lets Tarek go. He slumps & rises & we see their eyes. White. Beady. Alien. The Doctor realizes it’s time to run. There hasn’t been nearly enough running so far this episode. (But there will be, don’t worry.)

19:43 – The Doctor & Adelaide make it behind a sealed door as Andy shoots water from his sleeve. It hits the window in the door hard. Andy approaches, looks at the door. Meanwhile in the sick bay, Grouchy-Second-in-Command arrives & looks at Maggie, who is now spewing water from her hands while looking very wide-eyed alien-y at them. Her eyes are not quite as beady as the other two water zombies though. Grouchy confirms to Adelaide that Maggie is secure. Adelaide orders the crew to shut down water supplies & stop drinking water. Don’t drink the water. Don’t even touch it. Not one drop.

20:46 – The Doctor observes Andy at the door, notes that human beings are 60% water & therefore perfect hosts…for whatever the hell this is. Because not even the Doctor knows. He never will. He has to go. Andy & Tarek loom at the door & start shooting WATER from their mouths. I will admit, they got less scary as soon as they started this. Because it’s much scarier to leak water, I think. Shooting water seems like shooting anything else. It makes what was scary about the WATER—its seeming harmlessness—less scary.

21:13 – The Doctor confirms that the door is airtight & thusly theoretically watertight. But the water is clever, it sparks the controls. “Abandon ship,” the Doctor says & they run. I won’t lie, something about the running in this episode is very comical, like they are clearly holding back because if they ran naturally, it’d be too fast for the camera. I think it’s probably a directorial thing, but it’s distracting. You know what else is distracting from this otherwise solid story? Gadget Gadget. I hate you, you stupid plot device. The Doctor sonics it to give them a lift. At the central base, the kid who controls it is zapped out of the controls. Adelaide thinks he can’t be serious, Gadget goes two miles an hour. Not anymore, says the Doctor. “Trust me.” They always do.

22:27 – Gadget is now a scooter. Leaving fire track behind them, they speed to the next door. The kid continues being zapped & I don’t really understand the point of this. I hate this stupid scene.

23:00 – Behind the new doors, which Adelaide insists are REALLY secure, the Doctor knows better. “Water is patient, Adelaide. Water just waits. Water always wins.” Adelaide tells the rest of the crew to not contact the water zombies. They start heading to the sick bay & the Doctor, slightly winded (have we ever seen that before? they didn’t even really run in that last chase sequence), suggests that they need bikes in the base. It becomes a relatively unfunny running joke. I mean, it’s no “Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?” “Stop it.” It’s not even a “Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister.” “Yes, we know who you are.”

23:38 – As they arrive at the sick bay, Maggie is still all watery & stuff. Adelaide tries to talk to her, but the Doctor breaks out the Ancient North Martian. Maggie seems to respond. The Doctor asks about the water supply & learns the base is actually on an underground glacier. The crew insists the water is screened, it’s clear. “Looks like it, yeah,” the Doctor snarks. He notes that the creature doesn’t just hide in water, it creates water. “Tell me what you want,” says Ten to Not-Maggie. It wants Earth. A world full of water, says the medic. But that doesn’t actually make sense. Because if the creature can create water, why does it need water that already exists?

25:10 – Grouchy-Second-in-Command pulls Adelaide aside & reminds her that the current situation demands Action Procedure 1. Which is evacuation. The Doctor know that, but it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t jive with what he knows. Adelaide tells the crew & everyone springs into action. They start getting everything ready for the long journey home. They have 20 minutes, says Adelaide, not even close to enough time. The water zombies are still in the bio-dome, just standing there. Water is patient. Water will just wait.

26:26 – The Doctor tries to tell Adelaide the problem with her plan. Water is patient. It waited in Maggie, it took a while for her infection to take over. They’ve all been drinking the same water, so any one of them could already be infected. If they take the infection back to Earth, even one drop… Adelaide wants to find out when the water got infected, so they can figure out if which supplies were contaminated. She takes off for the ice field. The Doctor remains. He should leave, he says, he knows he should leave. He goes after her.

27:27 – More running. Non-hilarious joke about bikes. In the sick bay, Maggie is left behind in the dark. She goes to the door & sparks the controls with water. The rest of the crew watches as the camera goes dead. She can’t get through, can she? Yeah, cause that water’s really shown itself to be stupid this entire episode. Maggie is free, she screams. Back in the bio-dome tunnels, the other water zombies turn around suddenly & head back the way they came. Well, that can’t be good.

29:01 – At the ice field, the Doctor muses about the Ice Warriors & what they might have known about Mars. Adelaide really couldn’t care less. She just wants to date the infection. As they work, Adelaide finally gets around to asking the Doctor how it is that he knows so much about them. The Doctor dodges weakly, then explains, how we’ve seen him in the promos explain this theory, this idea of fixed points in time. This moment, here on Mars with Adelaide Brooke, this moment has to happen. Must always happen. What? Asks Adelaide. The Doctor doesn’t lie, exactly. He says he thinks something wonderful must happen. Something that started 50 years ago.

30:21 – Adelaide, with great wonder, notes that she’s never told anyone that. Well, not yet, anyway. She will tell her daughter, who will tell her daughter. A story about what happened to Adelaide Brooke the day the Earth was stolen & the sky was changed. Adelaide Brooke, as a little girl, was hidden away in her attic by her father while the Daleks attacked. A single Dalek saw her in the window, but left her be.

32:15 – I have to say, because of the inherent comical appearance of Daleks, this flashback didn’t quite have the effect I think it should have. Anyway, Adelaide tells the Doctor that she knew that night that she would follow that Dalek, all the way out into space. Not for revenge, though. What would be the point of that? Asks Adelaide & the Doctor gets that look in his eyes again, that grin & if it wasn’t so close to the end of the song for Ten, you get the feeling all sorts of wonderful things could have happened.

33:00 – The Doctor explains that Adelaide going out into space is the beginning. One day, she will inspire her granddaughter to do the same. She will pilot the first lightspeed ship. And her descendants will keep it up, taking the human race all sorts of places that only the Doctor’s companions have been able to go before. And it all starts with Adelaide.

33:48 – Adelaide asks, “Who are you?” For once, he does not answer, “The Doctor” & she does not ask back, “Doctor Who?” It’s not that kind of show. She asks why instead, why tell her all this? Consolation, the Doctor says. And you know that can’t be good.

34:03 – Before Adelaide can ask what the consolation is, they find a recording of Andy from the day before. It’s a maintenance log. Andy sarcastically reports that one of the water filters has broken & the replacement they were given doesn’t fit. Mystery solved. Adelaide realizes that the water was infected today & the water doesn’t cycle out of the bio-dome for a week, therefore, none of the other water has been infected. Well, that’s an awfully big assumption. Hasn’t anyone else been in the bio-dome? Anyway, Adelaide is so ready to blow this joint.

34:36 – The crew powers up the rocket & starts loading up protein packs. In the tunnels, the Doctor & Adelaide do some more comical running & unfunny joking about bikes. Sigh. Back in the base, Adelaide hands over the Doctor’s spacesuit & tells him she knows that this moment is. “The moment we escape, now get out.” The Doctor looks pained. He turns to watch the chaos as the crew desperately loads food.

35:45 – The computer screen shows that Andy & Tarek are now moving. Slowly, ominously. Suddenly, they stop, drop to their knees. The crew finally notices the signal the computer has been alerting them with. The water zombies are on the roof. Right above them. Their hands seep water, then they start shooting it from their mouths again. Water leaks through, while the crew debates just how airtight the dome is. Adelaide finally orders everyone to get back to work The Doctor just stands there, rooted in place, unhappy. He knows what happens next, that he can’t change it, won’t change it. He turns away.

38.40 – Grouchy-Second-in-Command sprints toward the rocket as the Doctor enters the airlock. He pushes the button to get the hell out, to go back to the TARDIS & get away from what he can’t change. But the door won’t open. Adelaide has stopped him. She wants to know what happens. She threatens to crush him in the airlock, but the Doctor knows she won’t. She could have shot Andy earlier, but she didn’t. “I loved you for that,” the Doctor says, & you know he really means that.

39:30 – The Doctor has learned something from the fires of Pompeii & trying to stop things you aren’t meant to. He tried to help & in doing so, he made it happen. Adelaide doesn’t understand, not really, the Doctor closes his eyes & turns to the camera. Adelaide puts him on full screen. Maybe she already loves him too. They always do.

40:34 – Adelaide is taking Action 1, but there are actually five actions. Action 5 is detonation of the base, the final option. The Osterhagen Key. The Doctor tells Adelaide that today, November 21, 2059, she takes Action 5. She dies on Mars, that’s what inspires her granddaughter. Adelaide whispers, rages against the dying of the light, against the idea that she has to die to create this future. She demands that the Doctor help, that’s what he’s supposed to do, after all. That’s what he does! The Doctor sadly, resignedly says he can’t. Most times he can. Most times he can save someone or everyone, but not her. Maybe that Dalek knew. (Yeah, right. It’s like the writers grabbed for a little too much with that little detail.)

42:20 – Adelaide releases the lock, lets the Doctor go, just like he knew she would. Just then, the water makes it through. The crew panics. Adelaide runs to lead, because that’s who she is. The Doctor just stands there, in the airlock, listening. Water cuts off one area, then another, their food supply is getting squared off. One of them, Side Pony Tail girl, gets trapped behind a wall of water. The rest of them lie to her, say they’ll come back for her. She knows better.

44:49 – This death scene for this character we barely knew is extremely well done. She turns on a video of her daughter, cries as the water gets her. The sounds of her devastation echo in the Doctor’s ears as he finally walks away from the base. Inside, Side Pony Tail girl convulses, she’s not human any more. Adelaide flees.

45:33 – In the rocket, Grouchy-Second-in-Command readies the system, they are good to fly. In the base, Roman, the annoying operator of the annoying robot, looks up in horror as a drop, a single drop, splashes on his cheek. As much as I disliked this character & his stupid, stupid robot, it’s hard not to admire him as he bravely warns the others away. Not one drop, said Adelaide Brooke. Outside, the Doctor closes his eyes. The sound of the others’ panic haunts him, he doesn’t appear to be physically struggling to keep walking away, but he might as well be.

46:45 – In the rocket, Grouchy-Second-in-Command, whose name, it turns out, is Ed, realizes too late that Maggie has found him. She blasts water, which he can’t avoid. He knows immediately what he has to do. Ed tells Adelaide the ship is compromised & that the creatures want it to get to Earth & he just can’t let that happen. He tells Adelaide she never gave him a chance, but he’s a hero in the end, of course, he blows up the ship just as he begins to change.

48:06 – The rest of the crew are horrified as the air escapes along with their only means of going home. Meanwhile the Doctor has been thrown off his feet by the explosion. We hear his thoughts, his memories. “I’m not just a time lord. I’m the last of the time lords,” he told Martha Jones in a dirty alley in New New New New York. “They died, the time lords…Gone forever.” The Doctor stares at the past. Makes a decision.

48:49 – He appears in the doorway, backlit by light. The base is in shambles & the crew is shellshocked. He marches in, sounds almost like his usual chippy self as he immediately starts issuing orders. He pulls Adelaide to her feet as Vaguely Asian girl seals the dome. Adelaide tries to tell him that they don’t have a chance, tells him not to die with them. No, says the Doctor. Someone just recently told him he was going to die, you see. He was warned. “They will knock four times,” he was told. The Doctor thinks he knows what that means (but how can he?) & he doesn’t think it’s right here & now (but why not? As good a place as any) because he doesn’t hear anyone knocking. But of course we’ve seen the trailers, so we know someone does.

49:21 – The trailers, it turns out, are just as deceiving in the UK as they are here (still haven’t forgotten that Rob Lowe isn’t dead, ABC!). The water zombie formerly known as Andy bangs on the door just three times before kindly pausing so that the Doctor can zap him dead. The Doctor runs around crazed, convinced suddenly that he CAN change this, he CAN save them. Adelaide doesn’t know what to think. What about dying for the future, etc, etc?? Never mind that, the Doctor has finally realized the implications. He’s the LAST of the time lords! Get it? The LAST! Why couldn’t he change that fixed moment in time? Because it’s against the laws. Whose laws? The time lords’. But he’s the only one left. They’re his laws now.

49:58 – It’s a little horrible, seeing the Doctor like this. It’s not right, just like when he punished the Family of Blood, except without the inherent awesomeness of that situation. He’s knocked down momentarily by the base on its last legs. Adelaide & the others are clearly ready to accept their fates, but the Doctor is not. In raging against the end of his own song, he’s confused it with theirs. “We’re not just fighting the flood,” he yells at the crew. “We’re fighting time itself. And I’M GOING TO WIN!!”

50:31 – At the ice field, Maggie the water zombie screams, cracks the ice, frees the water. At the base, the Doctor stalks about madly, free associating. It’s a little to close to the Master as Harold Saxon crazy for comfort. He demands to know what’s in this section. What’s in this section turns out to be Gadget. Great. As if things weren’t bad enough.

51:15 – The Doctor activates Gadget, moves him with the gloves, looking like an idiot as he does. Adelaide Brooke has had enough. She activates Action 5 as the rest of the crew & the Doctor look on in horror. The Doctor screams as Gadget kicks it into high gear, thanks to his previous sonic tune-up. Gadget speeds toward the TARDIS as the ice fields crack & the water zombies scream.

53:13 – The base is failing around him as the Doctor, his eyes crazed, his smile mad, manipulates Gadget into his ship & ignores Adelaide’s eyes of dread  & throws the controls. Action 5 reaches its countdown & we see the Doctor standing defiant against the light right before the base explodes.

54:22 – The camera lingers on Mars for a second before the groans of the TARDIS engines let us know what happened. The TARDIS materializes in an empty, snowy London street. It’s night. The Doctor opens the door & for a moment, it’s such a familiar sight, it’s like the Doctor we all know & love. He lets Adelaide & her remaining two anonymous crew members out. They look at him, appalled & shocked & the Doctor demands to be thanked. Oh, who is this? Gadget appears long enough to conk out & die finally. Hooray!

55:25 – Adelaide realizes that they are in front of her house. On November 21, 2059. It’s an impossible moment. The Doctor tangents off on how much he loves snow & again, the glimpse at the Doctor we know is almost painful. Adelaide’s Vaguely Asian female crew member freaks out about the TARDIS & takes off. The medic takes off after her & it’s just Adelaide & the Doctor. And she’s a proper companion now, by most standards, she’s traveled in the TARDIS after all.

56:00 – The Doctor puffs up his chest a little, smiles down indulgently at Adelaide as he points out to her that she can see her daughter & granddaughter again. Adelaide knows too much though. He’s told her what her destiny is & then took it away from her. She wonders how her granddaughter can be inspired to go to the stars now. And if that changes, anything can change. The future of the human race. “No one should have that much power,” says Adelaide Brooke. “Tough,” says the Doctor. Didn’t the Master once say that to him, right before taking the TARDIS to go end the world?

56:53 – Adelaide is horrified, backs away from him. The Doctor reassures her that he’s done this before, saved the little people. But never someone as important as her. He impresses even himself. It’s an icky moment. Adelaide continues to be horrified. The Doctor stops smiling then. “For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I’m not. I’m the winner. That’s who I am. Time Lord Victorious.”

57:37 – He is terrifying in that moment, of course, he’s gone too far. But the scary thing is how easy it is for him to get to this point. Adelaide tells him what he’s doing is wrong. He needs someone to stop him. (Donna Noble in her wedding dress once said that to him, before she realized it was her all along.) The Time Lord Victorious is wrong. He dismisses her. Sonics her front door open. Shows off one more time for the little people. Adelaide walks away from him & he turns away from her. No trace of the glint in his eyes now.

58:35 – As she closes the door, she gets out her gun & we all know what’s coming. Everyone but the Doctor, who hears the shot just as he gets to the TARDIS doors. Suddenly he sees that the future hasn’t changed at all. Adelaide Brooke still died mysteriously, but the other two crew members are there to tell her story. Her granddaughter still becomes who she is meant to become. It happens in spite of him. Maybe even because of him, in a way.

59:24 – The Doctor wakes up, then. He says aloud that he’s gone too far, turns around & sees an Ood standing in the snow. Of course, it isn’t. Because it’s an Ood & this is London. But the Doctor demands to know if this is it, if this is the time of his death. The Ood disappears & the Doctor quickly darts into the TARDIS. Inside, he stands perfectly still. Then he decides. “No,” he says & starts the TARDIS.

1:00:00 – So, upon second viewing, I like Waters of Mars more than I did the first time around, despite what are pretty numerous plot holes (such as how they explained away Adelaide’s body being on Earth, dead of a gunshot wound, or what exactly the other crew members said to explain how they got off Mars, or how exactly getting Gadget into the TARDIS got the Doctor, Adelaide & the other two people into the TARDIS). While I don’t think it reaches the level of the really best stories (Human Nature/The Family of Blood come to mind), it’s incredibly well done & just very good drama. Sets up the final story of Ten perfectly. Now I will be home in Dallas for Christmas, so I plan to blog The End of Time, Parts 1 & 2, but they will probably come later in the new year. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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