Taipei, Days 5-7: Ceramic Cockroaches, and More General Awesomeness

-by Amy Yen

So you may have noticed that I totally failed to blog the last few days. This was partly because the last few days mainly consisted of non-stop shopping & eating & there’s really not much to say about that except that, yes, in case you are wondering, I am still really, really good at both of these things. The other reason was I really wanted to catch up on some of the fall TV premieres I am missing this week. I caught the premieres of Fringe (AMAZING), Gossip Girl (rebounding nicely) & FlashForward (surprisingly disappointing). I hope to do a full review post for all of these on the plane tomorrow. Hopefully I will find time somewhere during those 13 hours.

So anyway, last few days in Taipei. We checked out the Ximending District, which has kind of a Times Square vibe. Lots of shopping geared at young people. Yes, I got a “I love Taiwan”/”In Case it Wasn’t Clear, I am a Tourist!!!!” t-shirt. What can I say? It was $4. I also got two pairs of jeans at about $13 US each, with free tailoring. That’s what some of us (you know who you are) call “value.”

We also visited my Aunt Jessica in Yingge (New Taipei). We went to the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum,  where we saw a lot of confusing modern art, including a ceramic insect display, which featured a cockroach close in actual size to the one my dad killed in my grandma’s living room the other day, except, of course, the one my dad killed also had wings & looked a lot meaner:

giant roach

Today, we had lunch at a fabulous Asian barbeque place that was so awesome, I wanted to make sure to give them a shout-out here. If you’re ever in Taipei, go to Yuan Shao Barbeque. It’s kind of Korean-style barbeque, only served around a five-course meal. It also has pretty much the nicest service I have ever experienced. Go, enjoy. Prepare not to be able to move for several hours afterwards.

We had dinner with my cousin Emily & her family near Taipei Arena, a tourist-heavy area with a lot of hotels & western chain restaurants so disoriented Americans, lost in a foreign land, can find some familiar places to remind them of home, like beacons in the night. Beacons in the form of T.G.I.Friday’s &, it turns out, Hooters:



So anyway, that will pretty much do it for me in Taiwan. I’ll be back in LA around 3pm Sunday & back at work, bleary-eyed & jet-lagged on Monday. Taiwan was awesome, beginning to end, pretty much I loved every moment. Except for the moments involving giant homicidal cockroaches.

I’ll see y’all soon.


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  1. ceramic insects = still gross

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