Taipei, Day 3: Look Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

-by Amy Yen

Today’s major highlight, besides, you know, more shopping & eating, was a trip to Taipei 101, still—until December anyway—the tallest building in the world. Seriously, folks? This building is really, really impressive.


What an impressive feat of architecture. Because there’s nothing that comes close to it in the city of Taipei, you can really see it from miles away. At night, it’s lit up with messages, like the way they light the Tower at UT Austin. Last night for example, it had Taipei 1<31 lit in pink. Very cute.

The bottom floors are actually part of an ultra-upscale—I’m talking like Rodeo Drive, times five—mall. It’s beautiful. Seriously, it’s like the most beautiful mall you could imagine. I mean, I couldn’t remotely afford to buy anything in it or anything, but it made me feel like kinda a big deal just walking around in there. It’s awesome.

The mall also sold a lot of overpriced souvenirs featuring the Taipei 101 mascot, which is this robot-looking thing that I am posing with here:


Look, we’re even wearing kind-of matching outfits, ha!

Mom & I also had some lovely/snotty overpriced tea at a cafe-slash-flower shop up on the 35th floor, with a great birds-eye view of Taipei, a la Reunion Tower in Dallas. And listen, I appreciate the business idea of selling overpriced tea with a view to tourists as much as the next person, but we left hungry, so afterward, we went & got some absurdly cheap & delicious noodles from a street vendor. It was better than about 90% of what I’ve had in the US.

Up next…day trip to Tainan, where my uncle-who-I-haven’t-seen-for-about-12-years lives!


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